Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Relationship Marketing is all about your customer database. So whether you have a customer database of ten or ten million, you will need to store your customer information. The solution is a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) system, but a simple solution would be a contact database, which needn’t be too expensive.

At VS Marketing Services, we help businesses identify, define and build all sizes of Customer Relationship Marketing or CRM systems to suit your requirements.

When looking to implement CRM, make sure you get the following right:

  • CRM projects must provide linkages across strategy, people, process, and technology
  • CRM consultants must focus on ROI and quality and actively manage client expectations

To identify your needs you can employ us to audit your database requirements and to define the customer relationship marketing and communications channels. A CRM Audit involves:

  • Customer data evaluation
  • Relationship strategy evaluation
  • Direct communications evaluation
  • Data privacy evaluation
  • Company skills evaluation

Customer Relationship Marketing – Key Benefits

  • Better targeting for marketing messages to the individual customer
  • Consistency in marketing communications
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Financial benefits from increasing the opt-in

Once you established a usable, interactive and highly effective digital marketing environment, you have started to successful sell online! One of the most successful areas to do this is the practice of Customer Relationship Marketing, and using it in a digital media channel (thus e-CRM).





It is, of course, much better practice to retain existing customers than acquire new ones, and the fundamentals of e-CRM involve liaising with customers in the right way at the right time, through the right media, regardless of the stage they are at in the customer lifecycle.

With many people having gone through or currently going through process of choosing a new CRM system for their business, a highly competitive CRM vendor environment has emerged over the last few years.

While healthy competition ultimately benefits all organizations, an abundance of marketing messages make it more difficult for those tasked with selecting the right CRM solution for their company to achieve the optimal outcome.

If you have ever visited some of the major CRM vendors’ sites, you may have noticed that long after you’ve left those sites, the brands’ logos and messaging persist within other sites you visit due to the vendors’ retargeting efforts.

Partly because of the volume of marketing messages from the leading vendors, many people feel compelled to start the process of choosing a CRM solution by signing up for free trials and by rounding up the leading vendors for demonstrations.

However, when the process for choosing a CRM system begins with demonstrations, the evaluation cycle can take a lot longer than everyone, including the vendor representatives, wants it to. There are many hidden costs to a prolonged CRM selection timeline. Choosing the wrong product, can of course, result in very high costs.

The path to selecting the right CRM system should ideally begin with internal information gathering and then a series of logical steps should follow.

Get your copy of the 7 Recommended Steps to Choosing a CRM Solution here!

Ready to get going?

Customer Relationship Marketing Audit service

Making sure you have the right system for you business requirements is essential for growth in the business and of course keeping costs down. With over 480 CRM System Solutions in the market today, this can be overwhelming and confusing to know exactly what you need. VS Marketing Services can undertake this work for you, and help you define your requirements. We are committed to the single goal of helping organisations gain more value from their new or existing CRM deployments, and become more customer-centric.

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