Forms of Retargeting


Search Retargeting –  Search retargeting is a display advertising technique which consists of targeting consumers who have previously made a keyword search. Search retargeting is mainly used for keywords which are seen as purchase intent signals but can also be used for more generic keywords. An advertiser can buy his products names or competitor names.

Cross Device Retargeting – The idea is to retarget a consumer trough other devices when there has not been a conversion on a first device. As some devices don’t make conversions easier, cross-device retargeting may have particular value. For some goods, it can be relevant to retarget a user on his desktop or tablet when he hasn’t previously bought on his mobile. It can be also relevant to retarget a consumer on his mobile near a store location.

Retargeting List – In site retargeting and other forms of retargeting, a retargeting list is a specific segment of audience to which retargeting banners are delivered. A retargeting campaign can encompass different retargeting lists and in this case, a specific creative, creative template or ad sequence is assigned to each list. Creation of different retargeting lists allows advertisers to personalize ads and messages to each customer / visitor segments.

Retargeting Pixel Code – A retargeting pixel code is a third party tag provided by a retargeting network or vendor for implementation on the advertiser pages. The tag is implemented on the web pages related to an action used for retargeting. On merchant websites it is often product pages or cart pages. The retargeting pixel code gives instruction to the visitor’s browser to request a one single pixel image from the retargeting company servers. The retargeting network uses the request to place a cookie on the visitor’s desktop. For tracking each product seen at the product page level, a unique product ID (often a SKU) is generated with the pixel request.

Afterwards, thanks to the cookie, the visitor is recognised on the retargeting network and an ad with product related images can be displayed by the way of dynamic creative ads. One or several product IDs associated with the cookie are used to retrieve ad elements from the merchant product feed.

Retargeting Audience Segment – A site retargeting campaign can encompasses different audience segments and a creative template or ad sequence can be planned for each segment. For instance, an audience segment is made of prospects who have visited a product page and who will be exposed to a classic product dynamic creative.

Visitors who have abandoned a product at the shopping cart level are an other audience segment and will be exposed to an ad with the product and an additional selling point related to quick or free delivery. Audience segments for retargeting are defined at the retargeting platform level directly by the advertiser or by a retargeting vendor account manager / consultant. Audience segment are set up by gathering one or several retargeting pixel code, or more precisely several event or product IDs associated with pixel requests (for more details see retargeting pixel code).

Retargeting audience segments are also commonly called retargeting lists.